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A brief history of the kimono up to modern times (source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

An interesting survey of kimono development, colourfully illustrated.

How to put on a formal Japanese kimono (video): a charming video (speeded up) of an old lady in Hokkaido helping her grand-daughter to put on a formal kimono. Ours are a lot easier and quicker to put on...

How to fold a kimono / yukata quickly (brief video)

How to fold a kimono / yukata (longer video)

Two recommended books:


Kimono, by Liza Dalby: traces the history of the kimono – its designs, uses, aesthetics and social significance. A beautifully written and generously illustrated book.


Geisha: Liza Dalby, the only non-Japanese woman ever to have trained as a geisha, reveals the fascinating realities of geisha life.


We highly recommend the following online guides to Japan, its arts and crafts, culture, traditions, food, etiquette and language.'s three excellent sections Japan for Visitors, Japanese Food and  Japanese Language

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Japan Visitor (“Orientation for the Orient”)

Learn Japanese online, for free

Let's Travel in Japan


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