Star in a kimono: Shirley Temple

By The Kimono Company on 26/03/2014

Shirley Temple seated in a kimono

1930s American child star Shirley Temple was very popular in Japan and was presented with this beautiful kimono by the Japanese Envoy to the USA.


Shirley Temple in kimono holding an ichimatsu friendship doll

She was also sent many Japanese dolls to play with, including a kimono-dressed Ichimatsu doll – these became known as friendship dolls in the West after they were presented to stars like Shirley as gestures of international friendship.


Shirley Temple with life-size doll

This life-sized Japanese doll had to be taken from the ship to Shirley's home in an ambulance.


Shirley Temple and her daughter Lori in a kimono

Shirley and her own daughter Lori in a kimono.


Japanese teenage girl with Shirley Temple brand bag

She remains popular in Japan to this day: the Shirley Temple brand is an expensive, high-quality line of frilly children's clothing which sells accessories just as popular with teenage girls.

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