Star in a kimono: Benedict Cumberbatch

By The Kimono Company on 19/06/2014

Benedict Cumberbatch in a yukata kimono

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch donned a yukata (casual summer kimono) at a Tokyo press event in 2013 during a visit to Japan to promote the movie 'Star Trek Into Darkness.'

Arriving in the country he seemed overwhelmed as he was greeted by a sea of Japanese fans at the airport, some of whom had camped out to get a glimpse of him.

The actor put his hands together and bowed to thank the crowd, then had some fun orchestrating his fans' screaming by waving his arms.

Benedict Cumberbatch receiving award in Japan

He practised walking in getas (traditional clogs) before the ceremony, but stayed in slippers until the last minute as getas are not the most comfortable footwear. During the event Benedict was awarded the title 'Cover Face of 2013 in Japan' in recognition of his great popularity there; his Japanese fans call him Bene-san and love his good looks, charming manner and English accent.

Benedict Cumberbatch with girls in yukata kimono

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