Stars in Kimonos

Star in a kimono: Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch in a yukata kimono

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch donned a yukata (casual summer kimono) at a Tokyo press event in 2013 during a visit to Japan to promote the movie 'Star Trek Into Darkness.'

Arriving in the country he seemed overwhelmed as he was greeted by a sea of Japanese fans at the airport, some of whom had camped out to get a glimpse of him.

The actor put his hands together and bowed to thank the crowd, then had some fun orchestrating his fans' screaming by waving his arms.

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Star in a kimono: William Roache

William Roache as Ken Barlow sitting in kimono

Scenes in Coronation Street starring actor William Roache wearing a kimono as Ken Barlow had to be reshot due to the shortness of the garment. Roache, shown here in the offending item, first wore the kimono at one of his screen wife Deirdre's dinner parties in 2009. A new series of scenes showing Roache sporting the kimono was planned during the love affair with Martha Fraser storyline, but had to be scrapped because coming down stairs or sitting down would have revealed just a little more than the audience bargained for. Reshooting the scenes with a more decent kimono cost the Coronation Street team about £25,000. Roache is reported to have been happy to wear the original.

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Star in a kimono: Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple seated in a kimono

1930s American child star Shirley Temple was very popular in Japan and was presented with this beautiful kimono by the Japanese Envoy to the USA.

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