Old kimonos give hope in Africa and Asia

By The Kimono Company on 31/08/2014

vintage kimono dressmaking workshop

'Reborn Kyoto', a Non-Governmental Organisation in Japan's former capital, is giving new life to vintage Japanese kimonos and at the same time nurturing the economic independence of young women in developing countries. Volunteers at the NGO unthread about 1,000 donated silk kimonos every year and run workshops in Africa and Southeast Asia to teach dressmaking skills to young people.

Many of the 500 graduates of the course have found jobs at clothing factories or have started their own sewing shops. In its 'fair-trade' programme, Reborn Kyoto also supports its students' livelihoods by importing their creations and selling them in Japan.

Cocktail dress made from vintage kimono

Cocktail dress made by student

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