Critics rave about red kimono in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

By The Kimono Company on 04/08/2014

Gillian Anderson in red silk kimono

A red Japanese kimono is the star of 'A Streetcar Named Desire' at the Young Vic, supported by actress Gillian Anderson. A gorgeous shade of red, and featuring beautiful white cranes, it dominates the stage with its silky, seductive performance. This stunning silk kimono design is available for purchase at The Kimono Company.

The critics have raved:

"It is an absolute knock-out" (The Telegraph)
"Hugely impressive" (Variety)
"Utterly compelling" (The Observer)

Gillian Anderson's performance as the faded Southern belle Blanche DuBois was also admired.

As readers of our blog will know, the crane is a Japanese symbol of long life, good fortune and fidelity, so not really appropriate for Blanche, who ends up leading a sordidly promiscuous life and is dragged away to an asylum at the end of the play. Was the director aware of the irony, or was he just seduced by the beauty and glamour of the red kimono?

We can reveal the identity of the stunning Japanese kimono worn by Gillian Anderson: it is called 'Crane Swirl' silk kimono and is sold by The Kimono Company. For this and other silk kimonos in our range, please visit our silk kimonos page. You can't always depend on the kindness of strangers or even loved ones to buy you those special gifts, so why not treat yourself to one of our luxurious pure silk kimonos?

Crane Swirl silk kimono swatch and top view

('Crane Swirl' silk kimono, sold by The Kimono Company)

('A Streetcar Named Desire' is at the Young Vic, London, until 19th September. On 16th September the performance will be broadcast live to over 1000 cinemas worldwide by National Theatre Live.)

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