Coming of Age Day in Japan

By The Kimono Company on 14/01/2015

Coming of Age Day group

The Coming of Age Day festival in Japan is celebrated on the second Monday in January, and honours young Japanese who reach the age of 20 in the current year (from April to April). Twenty is seen as marking the transition to adulthood, and is also the age at which it becomes legal to drink, smoke and vote in elections.

Coming of Age Day two pairs of kimonos

The modern Coming of Age Day has been a holiday since 1948, but such ceremonies have been held in Japan since time immemorial.

Many women celebrate by wearing furisode, a special type of formal kimono for unmarried women with extra-long sleeves and elaborate designs, and zori sandals. Many visit a beauty salon to dress (a lengthy process) and to get their hair done. Being very expensive, their outfits are often borrowed or rented for the occasion.

Men sometimes wear traditional costumes, but nowadays many wear a suit and tie. After the ceremony, the young adults will celebrate by going to parties or visiting popular venues such as Tokyo Disneyland.

Coming of Age girls in kimonos on train

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