How to care for a silk kimono

By The Kimono Company on 31/07/2014

Crane Swirl Royal silk kimono

These tips apply to modern silk kimonos rather than vintage kimonos.

Ironing and crease removal:

• Iron with no steam, at a low temperature (silk, cool or delicate setting). Iron the garment inside out; to be safer, use a pressing cloth 

• Beware of steam irons: drops of water will stain the silk fabric

• Crease removal, bathroom steam method: place the kimono on a plastic hanger and suspend in the bathroom; run a hot shower for several minutes, turn off the shower, keep the door closed and allow the humidity to smooth out the creases

• Crease removal, garment steamer method: place the kimono on a hanger and use a mechanical garment steamer to go over the creases lightly; do not allow the steamer head to touch the silk; follow the manufacturer's instructions


Enchanted Crane silk kimono

Stain removal: do not spot clean with water, which can leave marks. Take to a reputable dry cleaner's.

We recommend dry cleaning only for your silk kimono.

Some customers wash their kimono by hand, though there are risks if not done correctly. If you do choose to hand wash your silk kimono, these general tips for washing silk clothing may be of interest*:

• Water should be lukewarm (not more than 30°C )

• Use a non-biological detergent suitable for silk

• Dissolve the detergent completely before adding the garment

• Wash separately

• Soak for only a few minutes, then wash with gentle hand motions. Do not rub

• Rinse thoroughly

Summer Story silk kimono

• Do not wring the item, since this will weaken the fibres

• To dry the garment, lay it flat on a towel that has been washed many times before. Roll the towel up and leave for an hour; unroll the towel and hang the item on a plastic hanger, smoothing out any wrinkles.

• Do not leave to dry in direct sunlight

• Iron when not quite dry

 (* We cannot accept responsibility for damage to a silk kimono as a result of following the above tips for hand washing. Our manufacturer's recommendation is for dry clean only)

Please also note that perfumes, deodorants and perspiration may damage silk. Ensure that skin products are completely dry before putting on a silk kimono.





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