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Coming of Age Day in Japan

Coming of Age Day group

The Coming of Age Day festival in Japan is celebrated on the second Monday in January, and honours young Japanese who reach the age of 20 in the current year (from April to April). Twenty is seen as marking the transition to adulthood, and is also the age at which it becomes legal to drink, smoke, gamble and apply for credit cards without the consent of parents. The legal voting age was lowered from 20 to 18 in 2015.

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The Kimono Company Christmas Gift Guide

Kimono Company Christmas gift guide

Why buy a kimono as a Christmas gift?

• Stylish and original designs for both men and women
• Easy to put on and tie, just like a dressing gown
• Choice of beautiful fabrics
• Imported from Japan
• One size: women up to UK 18, men up to 50ins chest

Why buy a Victorian-style nightdress as a Christmas gift?

• Romantic Victorian designs
• Full length and roomy, decorated with pintucks, lace and ribbons
• High quality cotton, machine washable
• Different sleeve lengths
• One size, fits UK 12-16

Why buy from The Kimono Company?

• Prompt delivery, free in the UK
• Beautiful, high quality gifts at competitive prices
• Secure online ordering
• Order up to Weds 20th December for Christmas delivery
• Guaranteed refund for returns
• Christmas returns accepted up to 15th January
• Excellent customer service

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Prince William wears yukata in Japan

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Mud-dyed silk makes highly prized kimonos

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Victorian-style cotton nightdresses

Victorian-style cotton nightdresses

Do you long to sink into the soft embrace of a long Victorian cotton nightie? Our traditional, roomy nightdresses are both feminine and practical: decorated with pintucks, lace and ribbons, they also wash and wear extremely well, and are supremely comfortable. Natural fibres such as cotton are recommended for a good night's sleep.

Romantic Victorian-style nightdresses are a popular and original gift idea, at any time of the year.

Please see below for a brief slideshow video of our beautiful Victorian designs.

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The story behind our men's kimono 'Family Crest'

Family crest banner

One of our most popular men's kimonos is 'Family Crest' (shown above), a striking geometric design that includes a number of intriguing heraldic-like emblems. These family crests have a centuries-old tradition in Japan, starting with the nobility in feudal times, but then adopted by samurai warriors and later by commoners, continuing in popular use right up to the present day.

Our 'Family Crest' kimono displays six different crests, which we explain below. But first, a few words about this Japanese tradition.

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