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My son’s kimono arrived in time, and he is thrilled with it. Many thanks for your excellent service.”

Mrs J.R. of Exeter

Fantastic service, received in less than 24 hours… Wife loves it and is very pleased with the quality.”

Mr D.F. of Daventry

I am delighted with my nightdress, which arrived this morning. I would like to place another order today.”

Mrs W. of Leicestershire

From the blog…

Cherry blossom viewing in Japan

The cherry blossom is dear to Japanese hearts. As the blossoms emerge every spring, families and friends will gather across Japan to view their national flower (sakura) in bloom, drink warm sake and snack on sweet dumplings, in a tradition known as hanami ('flower...

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Plum blossom festival heralds spring in Kyoto

On a cool February day in Kyoto, geisha serve tea and sweet cakes in an outdoor ceremony beneath plum blossom. This annual Plum Blossom Festival heralds the start of spring and honours a 9th century scholar and poet, Michizane Sugawara, a court official who greatly...

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Cranes as symbols in kimono design

The crane - white-feathered, soaring and graceful - is a popular motif on the Japanese kimono. Not only for its beauty, but for what it symbolises: faithfulness and longevity. Cranes mate for life and perform elaborate courtship dances to strengthen the bond,...

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